One of a Kind Crochet Purse

Handmade Crochet Items

Experience the freedom and liberation of form and color with entirely unique crochet creations by Margie Fultz, and enjoy true artistry everyday with handbags, purses, ponchos and more!  Inspired by her mother’s passion for the craft, Margie has spent her life developing her love of crochet, and exploring the free forms of her imagination with eye-catching, original combinations of color and design for truly individual items.

Never based on patterns or predictability, Margie’s playful and provocative use of color and free association result in the beauty of the unpredictable, as she allows her objects to come into an existence of their own through free-association and letting the fabric speak for itself.

Take a moment to browse our gallery for a small selection of Margie’s current creations, and explore the site to learn more about where you can find Off the Hook Wearable Art by Margie at fine, independent retailers across Pennsylvania